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Takeaways From A Restaurant Industry HR Conference

JabaTalks recently attended the National Restaurant Association’s Human Resources and Risk & Safety Conference held in Austin, TX with the entire team.   The conference gave me the opportunity to be a “fly on the wall” while Human Resources leaders … Read More

Selection History Repeats Itself – So Can Hiring Bias in AI

When it comes to Talent Acquisition, automation and artificial intelligence are on the forefront of the industry’s technological, and innovation roadmaps. In the last decade, Talent Acquisition has exhibited a pronounced trend of de-personalization catalyzed by the exponential growth in … Read More

High Touch Recruitment through Automation

  Is “high touch” recruiting really high touch if it takes weeks to personally engage a candidate?   The High Touch Recruitment Process In a world where candidates have an increasing number of jobs available at their fingertips, a company’s … Read More

White Paper: The Magical Voice of Customer Service Excellence

By David Snyder and Luke Williams   Recently, one of the authors was asked to help a major company in the insurance industry conduct a “competency benchmarking” session for customer service reps in its call centers.  In this hiring and … Read More

Keeping It Personal with Automation

  When it comes to the interview process, the word “automation” is often met with a negative connotation. With more and more companies removing people from their hiring process and utilizing automation solutions, it is no wonder why candidates have … Read More

JabaTalks Announces New Pricing Plan

  Hello JabaTalks Community, We’re excited to share that JabaTalks is changing our pricing plans to be more flexible and affordable for our customers. Over the past few months, we realized that our pricing plans did not afford smaller companies … Read More

5 Tips for the JabaTalks Interview

Today’s digital age has reshaped the way candidates apply for jobs and how employers fill positions. Hiring managers are looking for tools to efficiently cut down applicant pools whereas candidates enjoy the ability to apply to numerous job postings with … Read More

Pledge to Refugees

JabaTalks Joins White House Call to Action, Pledges Software to Tent Foundation for Refugees.   JabaTalks, a voice-based automated interview software, is pleased to announce it has entered into a partnership with the Tent Foundation (formerly Partnership for Refugees) as … Read More

Hiring the Right Intern – How to Avoid Ending Up with Your Boss’ Cousin’s Son

  It’s the second week of October and you’re likely just getting your head above water at work. All last Fall you talked about finding better interns for the upcoming summer, but by the time you actually got to reviewing … Read More

Assessing Candidate Behavior in the Hourly Job Market – A Staffing Perspective

The Hourly Full-Time and Temp Job Market: Staffing companies across the nation fulfilling hourly full-time and temp job contracts consistently face two questions: Is this candidate going to show up for work on Monday? and; Will they act professionally in … Read More