• Give Every Resumé a Voice

    The Automated Voice Interview Solution

Find Your Best Candidates Faster

JabaTalks automates your communication and pre-screening utilizing the power of voice


Automate communication via SMS and Email so that all candidates are engaged at the moment of application.


Automatically pre-screen candidates with custom interviews and aggregate on one easy-to-use dashboard


Only review shortlist of qualified candidates so that you can immediately identify and hire the best from your pool.

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About JabaTalks

What We Do

JabaTalks combines the resumé review process with an automated phone screen providing hiring managers with insight to a candidate’s soft skills and experiences at the earliest stage of the hiring process. As a result, hiring managers are provided with a comprehensive view of the candidates allowing them to make more effective hiring decisions in less time.

Our Mission

JabaTalks strives to provide every candidate with the best opportunity to express themselves beyond their resumé and find full-time employment. By creating a more holistic screening process, JabaTalks allows hiring teams to review more candidates in less time, resulting in a stronger and more diverse talent pool.

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