Domino’s Pizza Operator Streamlines Hiring Process with JabaTalks


MAC Pizza Management speeds up candidate application process in 74 Domino’s stores through JabaTalks interview platform:


NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2017 /Press Wire/ — JabaTalks, the automated engagement and voice interview platform, launched within 74 Domino’s Pizza locations in a new enterprise partnership with the MAC Pizza Management franchise. MAC Pizza is utilizing the platform to improve candidate engagement and reduce time to hire after a successful pilot at six of their locations through September and October.


MAC Pizza operates 74 Domino’s franchises across Texas, employing over 1,700 people. The Talent Acquisition team deployed the JabaTalks platform to replace their traditional screening methods. Traditionally, MAC struggled to manage hundreds of weekly applications coming through their online job posts. With a small team handling all of the applications for every franchise location, MAC was unable to contact and schedule interviews with candidates in a timely manner. As a result, it took an average of one week to contact candidates, at which point many had taken other jobs or were unable to be reached.


MAC leveraged the JabaTalks platform to reduce their time to engagement and quickly schedule in-store interviews with qualified applicants. Candidates are easily transferred from the ATS and invited via SMS to complete an interview for the store they applied to. Once completed, MAC is able to easily review candidates and automatically schedule candidates for the next round of the interview process.


“During our initial pilot, we were able to reduce time to engagement by 61% and counting, often qualifying an applicant and scheduling the in-store interviews within hours of their application. said Marcus Dobson, MAC’s HR Specialist. “We are excited to expand our relationship with JabaTalks and be the first Domino’s franchise to launch this across all of our locations.”


Utilizing the automated engagement and pre-screening technology, MAC will be able to further expand their recruitment efforts across Texas while easily managing the workload across all of the branches.

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