5 Tips for the JabaTalks Interview

Today’s digital age has reshaped the way candidates apply for jobs and how employers fill positions. Hiring managers are looking for tools to efficiently cut down applicant pools whereas candidates enjoy the ability to apply to numerous job postings with a click of a button.  As a result, more and more companies are utilizing automated interview platforms like JabaTalks to rethink their first-round screening process.

At JabaTalks, our customer success philosophy extends beyond just employers and emphasizes the hiring experience for the candidates as well. We know better than anyone that a hiring tool is only as good as the candidate pool it provides.

As hiring processes continue to change, our goal is to provide the highest quality experience for candidates and ensure they have the best possible opportunity to demonstrate who they are to an employer. To do this, we’ve created many candidate-friendly features including the ability to redo question responses throughout the interview, review completed interview submissions, and even retake interviews.

Instead of thinking of this as a job interview, view it as an opportunity to give employers insight into your personality, previous experience, and what makes you unique.

If a potential employer invites you to take the JabaTalks interview, here are 5 tips to keep in mind before starting the interview:

Choose a Good Setting:  

Make sure you will not be distracted by your surroundings or lose cell service in the middle of the interview. You wouldn’t want to be interrupted during a live interview, take the same precautions for your JabaTalks interview.


Charge Your Battery: 

You do not want to get to the final question just to have your device die before finishing the interview. Check your devices’ battery prior to starting the interview and make sure you have enough juice to finish the entire process.


Consider Your Speech: 

Choose your words carefully and speak slowly. This is your opportunity to respond back to employers’ questions, without the pressure of a live phone conversation. Remember that you can redo a question so there is no pressure to get it right the first time. Also, be sure to speak loudly into your device’s microphone.


Always Be Prepared: 

Use notes! Keeping your resumé and other related information (like the job description!) visible will help make sure you thoroughly answer the questions.


Remember to Relax: 

We’ve all been there before – it is perfectly normal to feel nervous during a job interview, but remember there is a finite number of questions during a JabaTalks interview. A typical JabaTalks interview will have anywhere from 3-6 questions. Breathe deeply before starting an interview and remember 3-6 questions is totally manageable.  Most importantly, if you mess up or stumble on an answer, JabaTalks will let you redo your answer or hang up and start the interview again.


Lastly, JabaTalks support is available via live chat. We are here to cheer you on and provide support as you go through the interview process using JabaTalks! If you have an issue and need to reach out for any reason, click the chat icon in the lower right corner.


The JabaTalks Customer Success Team wishes you the best of luck with your job interviews!

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