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Pledge to Refugees

JabaTalks Joins White House Call to Action, Pledges Software to Tent Foundation for Refugees.   JabaTalks, a voice-based automated interview software, is pleased to announce it has entered into a partnership with the Tent Foundation (formerly Partnership for Refugees) as … Read More

Hiring the Right Intern – How to Avoid Ending Up with Your Boss’ Cousin’s Son

  It’s the second week of October and you’re likely just getting your head above water at work. All last Fall you talked about finding better interns for the upcoming summer, but by the time you actually got to reviewing … Read More

Assessing Candidate Behavior in the Hourly Job Market – A Staffing Perspective

The Hourly Full-Time and Temp Job Market: Staffing companies across the nation fulfilling hourly full-time and temp job contracts consistently face two questions: Is this candidate going to show up for work on Monday? and; Will they act professionally in … Read More

Managing the Growing Applicant Pool – The JabaTalks Solution

Hiring managers across the nation are all faced with the same pain point in today’s talent acquisition market: the initial screening process. It is no doubt that the bane of many hiring manager’s lives is tediously sorting through hundreds of … Read More

Standing Out in the Era of Mass Application

We’ve all done it before – go from job board to job board, dropping as many resumés as possible. When I was looking for my first job, easily dropping resumés through my career center seemed great as I felt like … Read More