Pledge to Refugees

JabaTalks Joins White House Call to Action, Pledges Software to Tent Foundation for Refugees.


JabaTalks, a voice-based automated interview software, is pleased to announce it has entered into a partnership with the Tent Foundation (formerly Partnership for Refugees) as part of the White House’s Call to Action to combat the global refugee crisis. JabaTalks is joining a coalition made up of private sector companies committed to providing innovative solutions that will have a sustainable impact on the lives of refugees and their families.

“We are very proud to pledge our product and team to the TENT Foundation and the White House’s Call to Action. As citizens of the world, we are honored to join forces with the other committed private sector companies applying our unique expertise, technology, and entrepreneurial spirit to support the assimilation of the refugee population into the US workforce. Our goal is simple: provide refugees with the best possible opportunity to find full-time employment,” remarked CEO and Co-Founder Mark Veevers-Carter.

JabaTalks is an automated voice interview solution that provides refugees with the opportunity to express themselves beyond what can be described on paper. Many refugees enter the country lacking sufficient resumé information due to employment gaps caused by their displacement and cultural differences in hiring practices. JabaTalks is working to fill that void allowing candidates to tell their story, explain employment gaps, and provide insight to why they are the best fit for a job.

JabaTalks will be dual-tracking its efforts working in both a hiring and coaching capacity. Resettlement agencies will be provided with the technology needed to create refugee-specific talent pools for private sector employers to recruit from. Additionally, volunteer coaches will be provided a platform to mentor, engage, and instruct individual refugees navigating their employment search. Through its automated voice software, JabaTalks promotes an unbiased hiring process that allows hiring teams to review a brief automated phone interview from every candidate while providing refugees better access to interview coaching and practice.



Currently, there are more than 65 million displaced people in the world, the highest number on record since the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) began collecting statistics.  More than 21 million of these people have crossed international borders in search of safety and are registered as refugees. Refugees are a valuable untapped resource and, if given the opportunity, can thrive and contribute wherever they reside.


The Call to Action is principally focused on generating new commitments in three impact areas:

  • Education – Facilitating refugee children and young adults’ education by ensuring that refugee students can access schools of all levels and creating quality long-distance learning platforms and programs.
  • Employment – Increasing employment opportunities for refugees, supporting refugee entrepreneurship, and assisting refugees’ reentry into the workforce.
  • Enablement – Increasing humanitarian financing, strengthening infrastructure and access to resources needed for refugees to become self-reliant, and supporting countries taking new steps to welcome refugees or allow them to work and attend school.

JabaTalks proudly joins more than 50+ private-sector companies responding to President Obama’s Call to Action.

Official Press Release

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