Managing the Growing Applicant Pool – The JabaTalks Solution

Hiring managers across the nation are all faced with the same pain point in today’s talent acquisition market: the initial screening process. It is no doubt that the bane of many hiring manager’s lives is tediously sorting through hundreds of resumés only to be stuck with a significant number of candidates requiring follow-up phones screens.

Fixing a Broken Process

JabaTalks was created to alleviate the resumé review/phone screen bottleneck by allowing hiring managers to effectively review larger applicant pools in less time.  The importance of the phone screen cannot be understated as it gives a direct look into candidates’ soft skills. However, we recognized that it is inefficient for hiring managers to spend 30-45 minutes scheduling and phone screening candidates individually when it takes a fraction of the time to gather the requisite information. 

The JabaTalks Difference

By automating the phone screen process, JabaTalks gives hiring managers access to complete interviews without ever having to pick up a phone. The interview process was designed with the candidate experience in mind to give hiring teams an accurate portrayal of the soft skills and job related experiences needed for a candidate to succeed in a role. JabaTalks actively engages candidates and allows them to interview at their own convenience while in the comfort of their chosen setting. Once the interview is complete, it is uploaded to our platform (or your existing applicant tracking system) and can be reviewed by hiring managers and their teams.

The Advantage 

The JabaTalks system is meant to standardize the resumé review and phone screen process that in its traditional state can be affected by numerous external influences and biases. It is no secret that many teams dread the initial review phases of a hiring cycle. The process requires monotonous repetition of reviewing resumés and engaging in the same phone conversation countless times. The JabaTalks system alleviates that pain, allowing you to better use your energy for reviewing responses, rather than moderating phone calls. Further, you’re able to bring your whole team into the review and rating process. When you do choose to call a candidate, we want that call to be a meaningful step in the hiring process. JabaTalks provides you with the background information into each candidate allowing you to go into future interview stages with targeted questions geared towards whether your applicant will succeed in the role.

Simply put – JabaTalks quickly reduces a large applicant pool into a small group of diverse and well-qualified candidates allowing you to make the best hire for your position.

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