About Us

JabaTalks strives to create an unbiased and simple tool that provides every candidate with the opportunity to showcase their soft skills and distinguish themselves at the earliest stage of the review process.

Our Story

JabaTalks was founded out of the need for a better recruiting process. Co-Founders Mark & Geoff had spent the last four years on both sides of the interview table and realized that the process wasn’t working for anyone. Great candidates were often being overlooked, while hiring managers were forced to review hundreds of resumés without a way to quickly distinguish the strongest candidates.

JabaTalks was developed to bridge that gap and create a solution that served both parties. Our goal was to create a system that gave candidates the ability to express their job relevant soft skills and experiences, while providing employers with the unbiased insight needed to easily screen through candidates.

In April 2016, Mark & Geoff assumed full-time positions at JabaTalks and began developing the platform with the intention of providing every candidate with a better opportunity to find the job they deserve.

Our Team

Mark Veevers-Carter

CEO | Co-Founder

Mark is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at JabaTalks. Mark helped found JabaTalks with the intention of providing candidates with a better opportunity to express themselves at the earliest stage of the hiring process. Prior to JabaTalks, Mark worked in both debt capital markets and the private equity industry focused on distressed debt and real estate investments.

Geoff Harris

COO | Co-Founder

Geoff Harris is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at JabaTalks. Geoff helped found JabaTalks with the intention of alleviating the pain points for businesses navigating an already overwhelming hiring review process. Prior to founding JabaTalks, Geoff worked in the private equity industry focused on distressed debt investments.

Board of Directors

Michiel Hooykaas

Partner and Co-Founder

Michiel is generalist with a nose for detail and strategic direction. He has extensive experience working with growth stage companies and has spent time across a variety of industries including technology, office design, food industry, and hospitality. As a partner in his office design company, Michiel realigned the strategic direction of the firm more than quadrupling revenue by adding new divisions and rebranding the company’s offerings. Prior to joining JabaTalks, Michiel founded C’est si Bon, a new café concept based in the Netherlands. Michiel is located in Holland and manages JabaTalks Europe.

Rory Veevers-Carter

Partner and Co-Founder

Rory is an experienced international business development strategist, with over 25 years’ experience in the airline technology sector. He helped build the fastest flight connection engine in the world supporting over 30 million queries on a daily basis across multiple platforms. The connection engine is currently used by several major airlines and alliances across the world. As Head of Sales, he has been instrumental in identifying the customer’s needs and ensuring the engineering team delivers to exceed expectations.  As President, he built the infrastructure to support major airlines with mission critical information delivered on demand. Rory is a customer centric team member who understands internal business needs with a focus on developing scalable platforms.

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